MATED Management Institute is a business training and consulting firm. We focus on strategic solutions for management, accounting, finance, auditing, taxation, IT and other business related services. We strongly believe that the main drivers of organizations are people, which are the most complex, but also the most interesting subarea of business. Each of our consultants has a long experience as a consultant. Honesty, commitment, dedication and integrity combined with the highest professional and personal standards form the cornerstone of all activities of the firm. A dedicated team of professionals specializing in different areas is the key to our success.

MATED Management Institute provides a channel to develop our operating methods and services, as well as help our customers in an even higher quality manner in the challenges of globalization. ​We want to develop as a company and as consultants. We regularly measure the quality of our processes, the success of recruitments and the satisfaction of our customers and candidates in the completion of projects.

MATED Management Institute has a mission to establish a close contact with clients. The clients are constantly kept abreast about the rapidly changing business environment through counseling, publications, circulars and memos all the year around. Our business clients vary in size from the newly established to private and public concern.

The firm has significant presence across manufacturing, services, commercial, financial and public sector entities in the country. It has begun operations on February 2013. The strategic priorities of MATED Management Institute are focused on delivering value to its clients through the achievement of sustainable, efficient and reliable professional aptitude. Such confidence shall be attained while respecting quality and sovereignty.


A global culture and a regional structure enable us to bring our breadth of skills to your organization.  A unique multidisciplinary approach to client services.

We help you to see the implications of each step in a decision, so you deliver to your stakeholders with confidence.



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