MATED Management Institute is a business training and consulting firm. We focus on strategic solutions for management, accounting, finance, auditing, taxation, IT and other business related services. We strongly believe that the main drivers of organizations are people, which are the most complex, but also the most interesting subarea of business.



The consultancy service is ideally be conducted by team of profession of consultants which are expected to demonstrate strong credential in IFRS implementation in various industries. The consulting firm has already undertaken consultancy service and advisory assignment for various industries.  Clients will get a continued service without impersonal attitude beyond a commercial relationship. MATED Management Institute provides the full range of consulting and training services.

To partners advocate a continuous staff professional development program to ensure the high professional caliber of its staff is maintained. The institute will promote its staff by encouraging them to participate in training programs including those of international so that gets certified including the owners. The following are some of the lists of clients of which the institute delivered both trainings and consulting services.

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