The institute’s staff is composed of professional in various fields of experience to support the operation on consultancy and trainings required by our prospective customers. They have a team spirit of professional and most of them have strong credential in various industries at different senior level professional experts.

The firm promotes its staff by encouraging them to participate in training programs including those of international so that gets certified including the owners. As MATED Management Institute (MMI) grows, part-time trainers and consultants have hired from the relevant industry and higher institution having rich practical experience.

We competently provide services at competitive rates. Clients get a continued service without impersonal attitude beyond a commercial relationship. MATED Management Institute provides the full range services.

Position Employees Staff Qualification Experience/years Staff#
Director General Full Timer M.Sc., B.A., ACCA Scholar; IFRS Certificate 18 1
Deputy Director Full Timer M.Sc., B.A., ACCA Scholar 18 1
Deputy Training & Consultancy Manager Full Timer M.Sc., B.A., ACCA Scholar 18 1
Finance & Administration Manager Full Timer B.A. in Accounting 10 1
Janitor Full Timer 8th Grade Complete 3 1
Trainer and Consultant Full Timer & Part-timer Ph.D., M.Sc., B.A., IFRS Dip, ACCA; IFRS Certificate 5-16 18
Total Number of Staff 23


Our firm’s management philosophy encourages responsibility and mutual respect. While we present a strong decisive management team, we are confident that we are being able to foster an atmosphere of genuine professionals’ appreciation and open communication.

MMI’s management organization structure is shown below:

Chart: Company’s Organizational Structure



MATED Management Institute is a business training and consulting firm. We focus on strategic solutions for management, accounting, finance, auditing, taxation, IT and other business related services. We strongly believe that the main drivers of organizations are people, which are the most complex, but also the most interesting subarea of business.


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