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consultation and development of strategic plan; customer satisfaction survey; consultation and financial statements preparation and closing; consultation and preparation of  monthly VAT, TOT, & Withholding tax report;

As the business expands, the company may develop strategic alliances with other companies.

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MATED Management and Research Institute (MMRI)

MATED Management and Research Institute (MMRI) (MMRI) has begun operations on February 2013. It is a service rendering business located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, specializing in training, consulting and development; business advisory and consultancy services for small and medium sized businesses and government organizations as well.

MATED Management and Research Institute (MMRI) primarily provides business advisory, consultancy and training and development services. The  business advisory & consultancy services include: IFRS Training and Implementation, consultation and development of financial policy and procedural manual; consultation and development of organization structure, staffing plan, job descriptions, job evaluation, salary scale, fringe benefits and incentive schemes; consultation and development of procurement manual; consultation and design of property administration manual; consultation and  of human resource policy and procedure manual; consultation and development of records management manual;


Team Members

Tewodros Endale

Founder, Ceo



  • To be a preferred Advisor or consultant to all small and medium sized businesses across Ethiopia by the year January 1, 2030 G.C.
  • To be the Standard of Excellence by the business community so that achieve a status as one of the leading consultancies, and training institute in Ethiopia and East Africa by the year January 1, 2030 G.C.

To commit our ethics, integrity and quality in profession and to back advice with performance


It is realized through being highly respected by business community & potential clients, and by being:

  • The first choice of the country most popular talent…. drawn by the company’s reputation, culture and diversity.
  • The first choice of the most sought-after clients…. attracted by the breadth and depth of our service in each market segment.


MATED Management and Research Institute (MMRI) strives to ensure honesty, sincerity in all its undertakings. To that effect, the institute has put in place an effective management system tasked with making sure this is adhered to by the management.

We are accountable principally to our client organization, stakeholders, partners, and the government.

The institute values, among other things transparency in all its dealings with client organizations it serves and partners it works with.

MATED Management and Research Institute (MMRI) promotes the principle of participation and collaboration with client organizations, and other stakeholders at various levels.

We are commuted to providing quality services in all program areas and sticking to strict ethical and professional and moral conduct at all times.

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We have a rigorous set of client service standards. These standards are followed throughout the firm to ensure quality service to all our clients.

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